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Quality Professional Services

Ricco Holdings offers professional services in the Music Industry and Business Development sectors. Ricco owns and runs a subsidiary company called "Alpha Records" with offices in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. Alpha Records is a Record Label Company producing music and signing various artist in Tanzania and across the continent singing both Gospel Music and the Secular Music. 

Ricco Holdings is also a leading digital marketing agency in Tanzania offering affordable digital marketing services such as social media accounts management, search engine optimization, social media marketing, google search ads, email marketing and more, we are also experts in writing Professional Business Plan , Grant Proposal Write Up in Tanzania at affordable price. Below find more info on our services. 

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Music & Video Production

Creativity and Innovation

Ricco Holdings provides the best  audio and video production services in Tanzania under our subsidiary company called  "Alpha Records" . Alpha is one of the best leading recording studios in East Africa providing audio and video production for musicians, television and film. From broadcast TV mixing to documentaries and voice overs, we have the knowledge and experience to facilitate the most demanding projects, For recording services, studio hire for your project, kindly contact us to make a booking.

Alpha Records is also a leaning Record Label in Tanzania, signing artist from Tanzania and across the continent, both Gospel and Secular Artists, and helping them achieve their music careers.  For more info and quote for  Jingles, Television Commercials, Documentary Voice Overs and Translation services, contact us now!

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Corporate Video Profile Production

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Ricco Holdings is an expect in producing outstanding Corporate Video Profiles in Tanzania, with great imagery, video clips, sound tracks, that would attract your audience attention and communicate well about your brand to the market. We understand the meaning of effective marketing, how to  capture  your viewers attention resulting to increase of brand awareness, increase in sales, and more, Contact us now to learn more about this service and to give you a free quote. Let us create and produce an outstanding corporate video for your organization. . 

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Digital Marketing Experts

Let us handle all the Digital Marketing & Customer Relation part of your business

Ricco Holdings under our sister company Innove Marketing, offers the best reliable fast class digital marketing services. InnoveMarketing is a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Tanzania, offering affordable digital marketing services in Tanzania. Our goal is to help clients realize an increase in their sales while seeing gradual increase in the number of organic leads and traffic at a very minimum marketing costs. InnoveMarketing is experienced and specialized in social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing and other forms, we use the latest analytic tools to study the target market, monitor the campaigns in order to deliver the most comprehensive successful online marketing campaigns for your organization .

When you InnoveMarketing, we will make sure we reach all your targeted customers  in the local and international market within the target time, while keeping you informed on important metrics, market performance and campaign performance information and more.  Our team will closely be working with you 24hours, while advising you on the best strategies to maximize the outcome of your campaigns and advertisements across all digital platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

For more information on how we can help you achieve your 2020 goals on the digital platforms kindly contact us. 

Corporate Video
Digital Marketing Services
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