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Prepared with You in Mind

Ricco Holdings under its sister company Ricco Milling Investments, is proud to offer high quality products at the best value and with an impressive selection to choose from. Browse through our inventory below to get a better idea of what we offer, and get in touch with any questions. One of our product experts will be more than happy to assist with whatever you may need.


Ricco Milling Investments is the leading supplier and exporter of the best quality rice from Mbeya Region, Tanzania,  which is sourced with high precision in quality, aroma and delicious taste from farmers in the region both small and commercial farmers. All our rice products are organic and branded "RiccoRice". We are the leading the suppliers and exporters of Rice in the Region. We export our rice to Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Malawi, Zambia, Comoros and other neighboring countries. We are capable of supplying and handling more than 10,000 tons of rice per consignment delivered to customers destination across the region. 

For rice orders, and customized branding i.e. branding, resizing, delivery options and more kindly do contact us for more information. 

Kidney Beans

Ricco Milling is the leading supplier and exporter organic beans from Tanzania,  sourced from farmers around southern highlands in Tanzania. We supply and export Non Gmo beans from Tanzania including the red kidney beans, yellow beans, rose coco beans and soya beans.

We are currently exporting to Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Comoros and other neighboring countries . With a large network of farmers and grains warehouses across Tanzania , we accept orders from 30tons up to 5000 tons of beans per consignment. We also offer customization services, in which we will brand, package the beans into your brand in any bag size you need, special for the market you are intending to import while we are paying close attention to the quality and product hygiene. Purchase now your organic beans from Ricco Milling  for better health, Contact us now for more information.  

Maize & Maize Flour

Ricco Milling is a leading supplier and exporter of non gmo white maize from Tanzania and its final product maize flour. We export non gmo maize around the region including countries such as  Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Comoros, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and other neighboring countries. The maize we export is sourced from our  local farmers across Tanzania. Before sourcing the maize from the farmers, we first grade and screen the maize to be purchased from the farmers and pick the top quality harvest in that region.

The carefully picked non gmo maize can be exported as a finished product in sacks of 50kgs to 100kg, or as a finished product milled maize flour of any bag size ,But preferably we would suggest  to export the unmilled maize, due to its nature to withstand any rough conditions on the road while being exported. We currently accept orders of maize from 30tons to over 50,000tons. 

For more information on product maize, availability customized packaging, sizes and more kindly do contact us. 

ricco white corn.png

Baby Sardine ( Dagaa Mchele)

Dried Small Sardine or "Dagaa Mchele" in Kiswahili is a product that is caught and fished by "Ricco Fisheries" fishing vessels in Dar es salaam. Ricco Fisheries is also our subsidiary company dealing we sea exploration and fishing. We fish the small sardine in the Indian Ocean deep waters, boiled and then dried for the final packaging and export. We are currently exporting dried sardine to Congo and other neighboring countries.  

We can handle and export up to 100 tons of dried small sardine per month any where around the world.  For more information on this product and how we can export this product to your destination, kindly do contact us now!

Ostrich Meat & Eggs

Ricco Milling is also an exporter of the exotic healthy Ostrich meat, eggs and leather. Sourced directly from our local farms located in Arusha, Tanzania, where we raise these exotic birds. Our export market includes Dubai, Saudi Arabia and others. We are capable of exporting up to 1000 Eggs per consignment. For more information on these exotic products and how they can be exported to your destination, kindly do contact us below, we guarantee to deliver the best quality products. 

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