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Consulting Services

Ricco Consultants is the leading Market Research company in Tanzania. Serving clients from different nations and helping them understand the market and setting up their business in Tanzania with no hassle.  We provide a broad range of services such Business to Market Research Services, Business Plan Writeup and Business Audit Consultancy. Providing answers and solutions to help organizations  achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity. 

Business Market Research: 

Ricco is a leading Market Research company in Tanzania . We have been offering Business to Market Research for both local and international investors for over 10 years now, closely working with TIC ( Tanzania Investment Center) to serve well investors in Tanzania, and helping them establish their business with no hassle. 

Are you looking for a professional business to market research agency in Tanzania who will help you understand the landscape in Tanzania, help you to research the market if its ready for your product and services? help you in forming your Business, Ngo, or any organization with no hassle. We are here for you . Ricco is a leading professional affordable business to market research companies in Tanzania, having worked with multinational organizations and clients, we can assure you the best service and detailed findings for your project. 


We work with both small to multinational corporations and individual clients, Serving projects in following industries  Hotels, Mining, Entertainment venues, Fin Tech Companies, Factories & Financial Institutions in Tanzania. 

We are very knowledgeable about the market, the people, language and user preferences for both Tanzanians, EAC and SADC  nationals.

For Extensive Market to Business Research, and in detailed data report that will help you make a concrete decision to whether to invest in Tanzania or not or if the market is ready for your product or service, Contact us now and we shall help..


We treat your project as if it is ours for the best market research results and project success. Below are some of our other services.   

Professional Business Write-Ups:

Ricco Holdings  has extensive experience in developing fundable Business Plan and Grant Proposal Write Ups. We write and develop professional business write-ups for both Small entrepreneurs,  Corporate, SMEs, Start Ups, NGO's and Government Institutions. With over 10 years experience we have written over 500 professional business write-ups for both financing and internal use, such as Business Plans, Pitch Decks, Professional Presentations, Company Story Scripts and more.

We always work closely with our clients in understanding their project concept, what they want to achieve, the strategies, and finally come up with a winning business write up, that can live for centuries. We have partnered  with a pool of investors and Banks to enable us link your project to the right bank or investor. For more information on the available business plan packages, click below buttons or  kindly contact us

Business Audit Consultancy: 

Ricco Holdings' Consultant Experts offers Business Audit services for companies of all sizes, SME's , Corporates, NGO's and Government Institutions in Tanzania. We closely work with our client, to well understand their business, company culture, business structure, flow of information, decision making, Review the Organization's KPI, and more. After identifying the organization problems,  we then offer our client professional business advice and solutions that would improve their business and offer them free charge training on soft skills, leadership skills and more. Contact Us Now! for more information and to schedule a  business meeting.

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