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Our Story

For over 10 years Ricco Holdings has been dealing with trading and export of Non Gmo grains, fish and ostrich products serving countries such as Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Burundi and Uganda.

Ricco under its sister company Ricco Milling is a leader in export of grains such as rice, beans and maize. We have been serving the African market for over  10years. Working closely with local farmers from the seeding stage to harvest in order to procure and purchase the best quality grains.

With our large network of farmers, suppliers and warehouses across the country storing foods and grains, we can guarantee you the best quality organic foods and a timely delivery of your order throughout  the year. 

Ricco Milling has fast experience in trading and exporting of Non Gmo Maize, Rice, Beans, Fish and Ostrich Products. We can handle from 30Tons  to over 10,000 Tons per consignment. , sourcing our grains straight from the farmers and warehouses and supplying it to you within the shortest time. At the moment we export our products to Comoros, Malawi, Zambia, Congo, Zimbabwe and other regions. 

Our group of companies provides the following services:

  1. Alpha Records: We provide Music and Video Production Services, Professional Corporate Video Company  Profile Production.

  2. InnoveMarketing: We offer Market Research Services for local and International Investors, Professional Digital Marketing Services, Social media marketing, Search engine marketing,  and content marketing.

  3. Ricco Milling Investments : We supply and export rice, maize and beans in Tanzania, EAC & SADAC countries.  

For more information about our services and export of grains, and how to place orders, kindly do contact us

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