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Ricco Holdings Non Gmo Rice
Ricco's non gmo beans
white rice in sack bag
Ricco's non gmo white maize
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Corn groats and seeds, corncobs on woode


About Us

Ricco Holdings is a group of companies located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Providing services such as supply and export of grains through its sister company called Ricco Milling Investments, a leading exporter of non-Gmo grains such as rice, maize, beans and fish products. We also provide Music and Video recording and production services under its subsidiary company called "Alpha Records"

Tanzania is the land with vast organic and nutritional foods, non-Gmo grains, fish and crops. For over 10 years Ricco Milling has been dealing with the trade and export of non Gmo rice, beans, maize, fish and more. With our large pool of farmers, suppliers and warehouses across the country storing foods and grains, we can guarantee you the best quality organic grains and a timely delivery of your order throughout  the year. 

We have specialized in trading and exporting of Non Gmo Maize, Rice , Beans, Fish and Ostrich Products. We can handle to over 10,000 Tons per consignment...

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Suppliers & Exporters of Quality Products

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Providing you with quality services



Qualified & Dedicated Team


Mbezi Beach Jogoo, Jupiter Street, House No 26, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

+255 757 566 879

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